Scarf Symphony

Can you ever have too many scarves?  Not in my view!  This principle has been one of my guiding lights in life.  And I hear you thinking: what a ridiculous statement!  And maybe it is.  But all I can say is that scarves have been a great asset in my life.  Probably a lot more productive than many others, actually!  I buy them everywhere.  Each scarf in my wardrobe has a story.  Some share a bulk story, like the 10 scarves (or possibly more) I bargained hard for in the final hours of a Nepal trip with a great friend, huddled into a dark corner of a shop in Kathmandu.  I think our “street cred” was slightly damaged though when my friend B pulled out her amazing hot pink Visa credit card at the end of the negotiation (can you imagine!?)!

In any case, scarves are maybe one of the most sumptuous, beautiful of the female accessories. They keep me warm in winter, they add color to my wardrobe, they brighten up my room, they can serve as improvised Halloween costumes (seriously…”hippie” with a headscarf was my improvised costume when I arrived at a Halloween party after work last year, only to find that people actually take  fancy dress / themed parties seriously in the US!).  They can last a lifetime (unless you lose them when they fall out of your bag)!

In my obsessive stage of looking for abstract artworks and macro photography inspiration I literally pulled out some patterned scarves from recent travels, arranged them on my bed and started snapping away.  Funnily enough, the fact that I was doing it at about midnight on a school night, and was trying to keep the light down to avoid waking up my parents in the next room added to the mood lighting and shadow effects.  I highly recommend.

One of my favorites is the deep pink paisley patterned foulard that I picked up second hand at Le Puces markets in the north of Paris.  A silk number.  It never fails to feel stylish on me in the winter months tucked around my neck.



The below dark blue number was a long delicate scarf with gold / beige detailing that my cousin bought for me, I believe either from India or on one of her many trips to Indian fashion stores that she was so passionate about!



The above was actually a detail on my favorite vintage dresses from the 1950s that I bought at a wonderful vintage shop, Mint Condition, in Rozelle, Sydney. It made me feel so feminine and looked like a lolly pop in a dress.

The below was a beautiful silk scarf I bought from El Cortes, a big chain department store in Madrid. The colors reminded me of Spain – vibrant, crazy, passionate. I continue to wear it to this day.




M xx


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