What you need to know about me?

I have A LOT of curly hair that always looks unkempt. Not a great attribute in a professional, financial services job.

I talk a lot. There always seems a lot to say! Hence the long posts! My hands like to flail around as I talk as well – it helps communicate intensity of feeling – I think it’s the half Italian in me :). I’m sure it is really annoying at times. But it is probably also one of my most defining (and hopefully endearing) traits.

I love markets. Not shopping  or shops per se. More the bargains and handmade crafts that can be found the world round. All those touristy stores supporting the “local” artisanship are my favourite! I can never browse enough earrings, scarves, trinkets…all those items makes me happy. I have much more decorative than functional items in my life!

I love jumpshots. They are the perfect mix of the traveller’s enthusiasm and artistic style. Or at least in my mind.

I work in finance. I studied accounting and economics. And I have discovered that being rational isn’t always enough. In fact, I really quite like being a little irrational at times…that’s what makes us human too! Especially when I feel a lot more passionate about the fun creative things in life that don’t really pay very much. So here I am…

Who am I?

I am a global citizen making my way in this chaotic world!

Daughter of a New York-born father and Italian-born mother that met in a chance encounter on a train from London to Paris on New Year’s Eve, I was brought up in Sydney, Australia, and have now found my way to the city that never sleeps, New York City.  I love traveling. I love the hectic city, but it also exhausts me…and sometimes I just need a break.

I also love art.  I believe that everyone has creativity within them. And that everyone desires the freedom of self-expression. We all express this liberation and release differently. It just so happens that my outlet is fairly traditional! I love drawing. I love music.I love capturing vignettes of street life and precious freeze-frame moments with my trusty, but not so fancy, camera! And I love sipping coffee, chatting with friends, wandering a gallery and philosophizing about the world in an attempt to discover what enriches us, what challenges us or just in the name of pure fun.

Art, like travels and travel advice (much like life), I believe are meant to be shared. And so here I am sharing it with you.

Check out my first post, “This is me” for more.


M xxx

Artist’s Request:  all photography on this website is my own. Please respect these photos as my artistic creations and property – if you wish to use them, please contact me – I would be delighted to sell these as artworks or to see them contribute to your own. Honesty is always the best policy. Thank you.



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